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Wash Packages

Blue Sky Platinum

$39.00wash club membership
Includes Shine +
  • Ceramic Super Sealant
  • Foaming Body Bath
  • Blue Sky Super Protectant
  • Underbody Flush


$29.00wash club membership
Includes Basic Express +
  • Tire and Wheel Cleaner
  • Triple Foam Conditioner
  • Blue Sky Wax And Shine
  • Underbody Flush

Basic Express

$19.99wash club membership
A membership is a simple, convenient, and low-cost way to keep your car perpetually clean. Blue Sky Car Wash offers unlimited wash packages for each or our 3 different washes. Memberships can be purchased online or at any pay station or in the office. On your next visit, simply the gate will open for you. It’s quick, and you don’t even have to open your window! The wash package you purchased will be displayed in the lighted sign as you enter the tunnel.
Memberships must be paid using a credit or debit card and they renew each month automatically on the same day of the month as purchased. If for any reason you no longer wish to participate you can cancel your membership and your credit card will not be charged again. If you have questions, check our FAQ on our contact-us page.

How Do Our Memberships Work?


Become a member for only $29.99 a month


We charge monthly and you can wash your car every day!


Our tunnel will recognize your car when you come to our wash and let you in!

Join our unlimited car wash membership today to keep your car in good condition by washing it regularly and using quality products.